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Drive (US) - Snake Eyes lyrics

I answer to no one
I walk around with pride at my side
I take my chances , eat my mistakes
Stand and fight before I run and hide
I never cheat , it's not my style
To win with a secret hand
Though I lose every once in a while
At least I know where I stand

Strength in the Eyes
Like a secret whose chance you take
Some things you just can't hide
And some things you just can't fake

I lie for no one , won't steal to get by
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Go for the throat , only the strong survive
I'm not a fool , just a one - of - a - kind
I never roll the dice Snake Eyes
They tell the truth
These Snake Eyes
Looking at you

I went through some changes
Sacrfices had to be made
Though I never really learned to lose
I left while others stayed
To chase my dreams , wherever they take me
I must live to see the end
Strong will and nobody breaks me
Determination is my best friend

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