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Drive (US) - Heroes Road lyrics

You blast your way into Eternity
Never thinking of yourself
You'll lose your life but not your Dignity
Medal of Honor on someone's shelf
Live for the Moment , a life can be saved
An unspoken code
Ripped yourself a place in time
Walking down a Heroes Road

It's not for the weak of Heart
It's an amazing Grace
It's where men stand apart
Stare you in the Face

A different breed on a higher ground
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Fate has dealt its hand
Lead to slaughter without a sound
For your fellow man
No Payments , no Rewards
Done without thinking twice
But still you would do it again
Danger is the Spice of Life


Many have died so that others may live
Walk down the Heroes Road and see
Theirs is not to Reason why
Theirs is but to do or die


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