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Drique London - You Don't Know lyrics

[Verse 1]

Look n***as scared smell the fear on em
All the silent talk got they mind runnin
I blame them for never really offering London a crumb from that plate let em eat from it
Every second speaking how they time coming its hard to feed into it got a weak stomach
If you let Pharrell tell it then they all frontin
But if you let Cam tell it then they all love us
My ex starting you notice how the boy flourish
When I was with her man she seems to carry weight of courage
When I left Sunday morning to explore churches
She was hitting them notes guess his call chorus
It never came easy man we worked for it
Tried to tell you years ago but you straight ignored it
Now you looking at the God here you anointed
Since I'm made in his image I should feel according right?
One of my peers said I'm real nice
Since that evening I haven't that experienced sleeping only eating when it's day light
One of my friends got me feeling like Eric Wright
We went from n***as with a attitude switch to it's on in the same
Night but that walk through Saint Aug. got our mind right love him like a brother
RIP Shaquille we should speak again till then homie sleep tight Yea

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You hear this beat, I know you love that
Read about me in that Weekly, I know you see that
Been gone for a minute, now I'm back in it (said I be right back)
Everybody think they know London but they don't know nothing (nah they don't know nothing)
You don't know me, you don't know 2x
You think you know me, you don't know
Everybody think they know London but they don't know nothing (nah they don't know nothing)

[Verse 2]

Look Word around the city London changed up probably cause I slowed up
I been rebuilding my home keeping everything disclosed not letting other know much they nervous
Look what for man I been cold all this is what we talk about in Wynslow back when we wore white tees and them Girbauds
Off Rock Quarry coping kicks for the shorty lo
'dey know I'm from there relatable so it's love 'mongst my peers going over plans with the team what we came up with got me feeling like it's gone be a good year
Uhh ha look
This just the beginning broke out these SB's just to heat up the winter D.O.C click better learn the initials lot of yall are not worth the lead in this pencil
With ever bar you others become sub-par pardon me lately I been a little off writing the only way I know how to vent cause of that I made enemy's out of some yall
We suddenly came cool once I made moves
n***a we are not friends I don't know you
Hate what it all had to come to but you tried to give credit when it's past due


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