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Drique London - Reggie Game 5 lyrics

Huh about time alot of yall wake up

[Verse 1]
At 22 accomplished more than most people back home
But When I'm there they treat me like I just moved to town
I written it for them people to feel
If you felt me back in 08, see its a chance you ain't touching me now
My Pen game sharper ; I'm 10 times harder
I Made recipes with thus noggin came you rap cats fathers
I son em
Son of a mother who hustle harder than most
If you still quoting the manual you never noticed my growth n***a
My stylist did, she told me, "i bring hope for the future"
I just soak in her words I'm no where close to what they doing with this music
I just wanna inspire my crew
And to show them to never settle for hourly dues
I'm trying to build youth centers to help The Youngins excel
Create jobs for felons when they get out the cell
Ill do it !
Reached out, Scott hopping he will help with the cause
A insubordinate image
Must of switched his doings
At my crib in Raleigh my mans out hear talking talk
He Telling me "how he got me when i come to New York"
A week later I hoped on that Chinese bus
Got to 47 Chrystie and homie never picked up
I see how you upper hand n***as do
Got me feeling like PAC after them shots in the Stu
Cause A ticket is worth a lot when you living off quarters
It showed me can't trust friends they will all get you Rich Ported
I been in Queens talking some time to self
A couple blocks away from where Prodigy slept
A lot yall think I'm writing rhymes for my health
But forgot most if your drive came from my help
One of the best talkers to ever walk Raleigh
I know I might get some slack just off that comment
If you feel any different, put your pen where your mind is
Every Since shake down I notice you n***as responses
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Never respond; ill let my success ruin their ego
Got better things to do, like keeping the pieces of D.O
Cause since that twitter rant from Unique
The homies we rarely speak I can like its touching my cerebro
We'll both come around I guess
Till then I'll use this sketch to watch my worlds perfect
n***as hitting my inbox to do these 3 song sets
I rock Hopscotch to the Cradle partner world tours next
I'll get it

Promoters lived declining shows with minor detail
Cause now a days you gotta composite me for what I deliver
I'm at that point where I'm ready to see my work Prevail just the thought of it got a couple of you n***a bitter
Y'all should start to question yourself see jealousy is a trait That's never carried by males

I pray you get well
My focus is beyond these lips
I wanna be who Bias was before he was pressured to sniff
Or do it all like BO before replacing his hip
They hip around my way so I often take trips
They Never admit
You nice till another has grip
So for that reason I'm writing like I haven't eating since 6

A small percent of those who actively use they talent
I wish I knew what I know approaching my 1st album
Maybe not cause the reviews had me up for hours
Writing making sure my wording would speak power
Getting acknowledge by them ones i look up to
So to me that shows that wording is power
When I'm gone I want that Legacy that biggie do
Till then I'm making sure that you n***a can't stop em

[ Hook ]
Man Y'all should start to question yourself cause jealousy is a trait That's never carried by males I pray you get well I pray you get well

One if of the best talkers to ever walk Raleigh
I know I might get get some slack just off that comment

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