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Drippin - Coins lyrics

[Verse 1: Le1f]
I'm that prince you slept on. Let bygones be and let's get it on
I'm a freaky deak god in the pantheon. Tell your n***a when he see me keep his panties on
Cuz I might just read you backwards like a Holy Qu'ran
Tell ‘em boys when they see me, better not test what I'm on
f** they mean by the block is hot? I'm on the internet and i don't f** wit cops
My jokes are funny but my money's not. We just kickin it like karate chops
Two tops. Rock paper scissors. You go first, I'll do the dishes
I stay strapped -- Sex Pistols. Out here saving queens like I'm Sid Vicious
Gangster like Denzel. Spreadin' sheets like Excel.
Ain't no countin sheep we' just goin' round and round like a carousel
Tell me, how does it feel? I keep it cute but I do it well
You smell me? Well, I hope I smell just like money smell

Basic b**hes see me. They think I'm acting funny
They think they know what's good, but they dunno about stuntin
Never looking thirsty, I'm always feeling hungry
Laughing out the bank, yea yo, I'm getting money

Me and money match. We're attached. Getting my coins
At school I used to trap, now I rap. I'm getting my coins
Just chillin with camp tryna stack. I'm getting my coins
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Getting my coins. Getting my coins
Every night and day, I be getting my coins
Move out of my lane, n***a. Getting my coins
Heads or tails, either way. I'm getting my coins
I'm getting my coins. I'm getting my coins

[Verse 2]
I'm the bomb... threat. Super like Nintendo NES
I bring a zest haters cannot test. I'm pitching a look they just can't catch
Accepting checks or mail orders too. Nann n***a can stop what I wanna do
Watch how my eyes do the dead sea scroll right over you
Yes, catch your boy feeling salty blessed and brand new
Yes, I'm the cutest looking dude at the barbecue
Jet setting hopping round the Earth like a kangaroo
b**h, I'm getting mines right now cuz it's overdue
Oh you think I'm filthy? b**h, I'm feeling minty
Empty out my pockets - all u see is 50s
I'm only coppin 60s and OZ's strictly
Whiskey in the goblet, hotbox until it's misty

[Pre Hook]


[Pre Hook]

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