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Drip-133 - Disconnect lyrics

EndyEnds : [HOOK] x2

Input Output you could be the server to my heart
Your love is the modem that connects me in the dark
PayPal boomin with my shawty we be countin checks
We gon' flex forever no we'll never disconnect

Lil yuri : [VERSE]

We stay connected like wifi
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No gear, no potions. I guess I have no life
'Til my healer came in and said, "Yuri its gon' be alright
Don't worry 'bout a thing tonight"
She's an angel, she's dressed in all white
Got me high, like a satellite
I cut the chains that hold me down
Shawty talk to me cuz I love the sound
I wanna hear your voice again
Before my phone dies, I'm at four percent


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