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Drip-133 - Crucify lyrics

[Verse 1: SolomonDaGod]
I'm fucking sleep
Don't fuck with it me
I got shit to do on my bucket list
Like fuck yo freak
It's been a while since I been fucking up the beats
I dropped my shit I fuck yo shone it's time to eat
I fucking mean it
Burning attack the way I son Vegeta
Y'all niggas is trunks my fucking semen
Unlucky demons
I run this clean shit
Durty GOD if you want passage bring a package with you
I want stinky sticky icky Vicky backwoods Timmy
And I been that nigga bitch I'm still that nigga
Ain't heard of me before you played this song well now you hearing GOD so how you feeling nigga
It's apparent new kid on the block compelling
I been dealing with this money now I'm yugioh car selling bitch
Wait hold up
You ain't talking cash I don't know ya
Come from the south with a mouth full of gold
And I know you want fuck but don't mess with these shones bruh
Dropped out of school my future brighter than yours
Got these slugs to the bottom my mouth be like Barry Bonds bitch
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[Hook: SolomonDaGod]
Roll the weed signify all my feelings
They know a nigga amazing but crucify me I feel it
It's the, Golden child
G O D up out the south
And you don't fucking know me so keep my name out yo mouth bitch

[Verse 2: SolomonDaGod]
Where my styrofoam pour me up a bit
I'm like a Shinigami put saki in my zip
You can't fuck with this
Kage Bunshin no jutsu now there's two of him
You know who up in this
Niggas act shame like they hoes ain't been all on me sucking this
Uh, All my niggas they the realist in the field
You can't touch me when I spread my AT field
Young angel Kurt Angle all on your bitches ankle
Roll that doobie my ego high like I'm Mr. Satan
Yea, fuck it I know you see all of them niggas faces
Mad as fuck that I stay penetrating
On weekends with they bitch at the days inn
Uh, Fucking right I got a reason just to talk my shit
Been tipping 93' I gota walk like I'ma pimp bitch

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