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Drip-133 - CreateNewServer lyrics

Create the server then I'm taking you there
Watch you pixelize and bend to thin air
I think it's funny cause you plead and you swear
That you built for the game but you just Alien Ware
You just talk about performance but when you get down to the core of it
Nothing, just some dust up in the wind you so ignorable
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Cut you while I'm torching up
The skinny razor flicking [?] skin reaping torturer
You, you on some [?] while me, I want what's from the sky
Give me all the money that they're giving you I'll make it thrive
Fifteen solar cells Get my life up beyond the clouds
Garden with the finest soil plug the bash before it fell

I'm trying to pick my words more carefully
Look at you and see the only thing that cares for me

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