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Drip-133 - Closure lyrics

[Verse 1: Johnny Obnoxious]
Walking through these frozen trees, I fade away like the memories
As I travel through the night, let the pouring rain wash me away
See your face in the fallen snow, why you gotta look so cold?
Girl I promised that I'd take you away, if only I'd made you stay
And my eyes weren't ready
But my hands stayed steady
So you left me standing there all alone

[Verse 2: Johnny Obnoxious]
I try to do right but you done me so wrong
Night after night you strung me along
I wasted two years on you thinking you were true
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But you left me all alone
When I tried I guess you couldn't see
Girl you took the breath from me
Wasted all my time tryna give you all of mine
Girl I guess you couldn't see

[Verse 3: Johnny Obnoxious]
But it's over now
We get closure now
Let the pouring rain take our memories and wash them away
Wash them away
Wash them away
Wash them away

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