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Drip-133 - Away From The Keyboard, I'll Be Right Back lyrics

[Verse 1]: Playhouse
Do you believe what you see in my face
What do you see when you look in my eyes
I smoke a wood then I float to the sky
My bitch so bad I was caught up in life
Sip on my Sprite we be sippin' tonight
Clip full of ammo I'm ready to die
Nah I ain't soft but codeine what I cry
I feel like dyin' I'm barely alive

Barely alive
I'm barely ok
She left me to die
Deaths on its way
Sink my teeth into her neck
Blood drip she givin' neck
She tell me she ain't ready
But I know she miss this dick

You are super good
At everything you do

This is how I feel
Maybe I'm a fool

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Remember when we got together
In the shitty weather when the wind was strong

I didn't stop to think about
Why you couldn't wait for the break of dawn

You can't leave me when I did my best

I couldn't cope the fact that I was never ready

You left me and I don't feel bad about

Cause you knew that I wasn't about it

And I wish that you would see me now

Just to see if you'd believe me now

[Verse 3]: Cold Hart
Jus dropped the top and the dash it was digital
I was making moves driving fast looking for you girl
I just wanna know if you really down for me though
Baby we can go anywhere you want just let me know
I could be your love I could take down the candlelight
I just wanna flex baby I jus want you in my life
Blinded by the light I was looking for another time
When you were right next to me but now you with another guy

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