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Drip-133 - Away From The Keyboard, I'll Be Right Back lyrics

[Verse 1]: Playhouse
Do you believe what you see in my face
What do you see when you look in my eyes
I smoke a wood then I float to the sky
My b**h so bad I was caught up in life
Sip on my Sprite we be sippin' tonight
Clip full of ammo I'm ready to die
Nah I ain't soft but codeine what I cry
I feel like dyin' I'm barely alive

Barely alive
I'm barely ok
She left me to die
d**hs on its way
Sink my teeth into her neck
Blood drip she givin' neck
She tell me she ain't ready
But I know she miss this dick

You are super good
At everything you do

This is how I feel
Maybe I'm a fool

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Remember when we got together
In the sh**ty weather when the wind was strong

I didn't stop to think about
Why you couldn't wait for the break of dawn

You can't leave me when I did my best

I couldn't cope the fact that I was never ready

You left me and I don't feel bad about

Cause you knew that I wasn't about it

And I wish that you would see me now

Just to see if you'd believe me now

[Verse 3]: Cold Hart
Jus dropped the top and the dash it was digital
I was making moves driving fast looking for you girl
I just wanna know if you really down for me though
Baby we can go anywhere you want just let me know
I could be your love I could take down the candlelight
I just wanna flex baby I jus want you in my life
Blinded by the light I was looking for another time
When you were right next to me but now you with another guy

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