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Drip-133 - Ask for it lyrics

[Verse 1]
You don't have to worry about
What it is I do
I'm just sitting here
Thinking about you
I don't think twice
You're just what I choose
Sleep alone at night
Wishing I could be with you
Like you said
I'd do it all again
Go there and back
Long as you're at the end
Baby I just gotta let you know
I don't ever wanna let you go
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There's no next one for me
I don't need
To search through the crowd
I just say what I mean
I wish you could see what I see
You're so beautiful
Baby that's your usual
Lately you've just
Been so cold
Your love is safe
When it's mine to hold
So let me know
Did you let this go
Did you let me go
Just let me know

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