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Drip-133 - 90210 lyrics

[Verse 1]
Boy I'm walking through the hall like Dylan Mckay
Brandon Walsh hair back, like we back in the day
I don't never talk to strangers, unless I'm bout to get payed
Steve Sanders lookin' boy, get the fuck out my way
Trying to use is what you do, and don't say no thang
Cause we heard about you and we don't like what they say
Don't let a couple co-sign's fuck up your brain
Start actin' like something, give a fuck where you stay
Say you know about us, but you don't know no thang
Capsulate me, go ahead, lock me in that frame
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All i do is get confused by the fact kids still
Look up to the pussies that don't say whats real

[Hook x2]
I guess that's just how it is, I know that's just how it goes
Dirty nails, wrinkled clothes, Bones never with some clones

I twist up a wood and then pick up my target
Flick off the ash and then pour up the water

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