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Drip-133 - 2 Pm lyrics

I'm rolling pill after pill
Slow motion
When I'm coming down
I'm zoning
Come up, back up on the trick
Ride the foreign, whip it quick
Smoking dope while smoking, yes
Its the light skin pimp, little trick
Always burning down a sack
I can't f** round wit no hoe unless that a** fat
Bussin' down a port, chillin in the lac
Riding while i coast, swerving side to side
Leaning front to back
Been on this sh** for minute
Y'all novices never did it
Pulling up, geeking in civics
Riding up on them thangs when we swang
Deuce 4's sitting high, riding strange
Cover coated candy paint, smoking dripping while I'm tipping mane
Dutch Palmers broken down within the range
Blow my smoke into the air, witness the weather change
Got hoes who down to f**, & b**hes that sniffing cane
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No ties within in my pimpin'
I'm smooth sailing away
Servants they pour me water
My side b**h feed me grapes
Main b**h on my line
I quickly tell her to fade
Ignore it just give me face
I'm pimping right out the grave
Feeling dead but yet amazed
Living fast, can't keep it safe
Smoke a blunt right to the face
Bow ya head let us say grace
My presence is such a present
That n***a that you f**in wit such a lame
Stone cold brew, broken into 2
Burning in the cut alcohol up in the wound
Blow up on yo b**h
Nokia you know me & how i do

I'm rolling pill after pill
Slow motion
When I'm coming down
I'm zoning

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