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Drino Man - Slap Shyt lyrics

Its S-L-A-P-S-H-Y-T [slap shyt]
S-L-A-P-S-H-Y-T (Bring it back bring It back) [3x]
Bum bum bum bum bum bum (bring it back bring it back][3x] Drino
Turn it up bit its slap shyt
Show em what you workin wit
Drino Man smaller boy lettem hear this slap shyt
This beat is so super califrajlistic Im gone have to turn the beat off and said drino did it
Ha do you like my style? Gone make my own t.v. show called beats gone wild
Extra extra whats all the fuss? Im gone have to turn the bear off and say its beats are us
Hey! Im so supercalifrajalistic wit it. You got to get to kickin it. Show some guts.
Let everyone here know how its done. Let everybody here in the building say
Beats stay slap and slap shyt stay hotta
I bring it to the people like im pourin water[?]
Girls marry poppin. My partenas stap slapin supercalifrajlisticly
This my last line and its
Ba ba ba ba ba beats! [Chorus] Rico
Its the one and only
Your boy suave goin [um] slap beats
Cats tryin steal some beef
Better hate on them players
Tell those players that Im gone have to see you later
While im sittin in my grand heavy scrapper kinda leanin slapin beats
Lookin fresh in a tapper man
I got them s-l-a-p-s-h-y-t
Slap shyts man what you about it?
Wanna make stick your head out the window screamin oh man keekeewawaee
No what that means?
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Check out [?]
But the slap comin out the trunk [s-l-a-p-s-h-y-t]
Yeah now what that means
We all got that from
Yall make the people go dumb like they drunk
Then we anit [?] specializing in goin dumb
Spittin game so long mi time is now near [Chorus] Drino
Ziggy ziggy now
We dun did it again
Put this track on your page and spread the word to your friends
This beat slap and against all credics
Gone world wide now thats an true epidemic
Get used to this face cause were all over the place
Big sound, big name, big beat, big face
Yeah its true man we new to the game
Make a new dance style
Slap Shyt be it now Rico
See man Ima tell ya when to go
If you aint got dreads then shake yo fro
If you aint gotta a fro then shake yo dome
Stupid dumb retared straight up ignorant
Hood dont find us
Please dont get me started
Clubin Drumin
Go bum bum bum bum bum Keekeewawaee [bring it back bring it back]
Keekeewawaee [slap shyt]
Keekeewawaee [bring it back bring it back]
Keekeewawaee[slap shyt] RICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAA[s-l-a-p-s-h-y-t]

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