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Dri - Acid Rain lyrics

Will our children look back
With hatred or despair
At a generation of idiots
Who just didn't care About the fossil fuel fumes
And the aerosol sprays
That put holes in the ozone
And let in the rays That can cause cancer in humans?
And what is it all worth
Heating up our globe
Destroying our own Earth? What will they think
Of us with no concern
About the seas of sh**
And radiation burn? We who watched
The waters of the world
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Turn to lakes of lava
k**ing every form of life? Will they have regrets
For being born at all
Into a world where only
Acid rain can fall On all the empty fields
And on the vacant lots
Where cockroaches and crab gra**
Are the only crops? Acid rain dissolving away
The monuments of man
Run for your lives!
Acid rain Smell the rain coming?
Acid rain
Run for cover now!
Acid rain The water is on fire!
Acid rain

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