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Dri - Abduction lyrics

Where have all the children gone?
How long must the search go on?
See them on the milk carton
Someone stole their only son
Abducted from their place of play
It seems to happen every day
Almost like it's done for pay
But who to know and who's to say?

Posted in the corner store
Two missing children, maybe more
Their age, their height, the clothes they wore
And just what the witness saw
Most of them are never found
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Although a few will come around
In garbage or the river drowned
Simetimes six feet underground

Abduction [2]

Abductors must be really sick
Something in their heads went click
A message from some late night flick
Or even some backwoods red neck hick
The schools are going on patrol
'Cause now the thief is on a roll
Their adding up and taking toll
Abductor must not have a soul

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