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Drew The Architect - Andelon lyrics

-So what am I saying?
-I don't really know cause its not important

[Rozz Dyliams]
It was '97. I was working off the pager
We were smoking blunts, listening to skunk anansie
With the mac eleven and all the accesories out on the kitchen table
Mossimo bags, and party favors
Hunter green grand prix. '93
A cactus with sunglasses, on the antenna
The only one who accompany me
Back and forth, state to state, releasing the energy rap
From a mobile trap, with Ohio plates
Had to pay the cost, and suffer pain and loss
All my protectors and collectors look like Rayna Foss
All over they faces. Then I'm skating off
I love to talk about myself, I just hate to talk
To someone of a lesser status, who don't understand the madness
And what the frelling hell is up with the pressure patterns
Dylan keep it going 'til it hurt
Off into the summer, hitting summer with the damn work
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This is a demonstration, of activation, across the nation
A gift to all nations
From all sides
Let the love get multiplied
Open your mind, and open it wide, and go deep inside
And let your spirit be the guide
To a spiral dragging dreaming sequence
A newfound, unlocked personal achievement
No jive lip guff talk bitch boy bein'
Just straight emceein'
Keeping it hardest of the hardcore, with a vivid vision
Of destruction and disorder, for a modern war
I'ma keep it rocking 'til my body rotten, long forgotten
I got mental illness, so a nine to five is not an option
I'ma crush your head in with a 909, and keep on stomping
If you doesn't comprehend, you never will, you never got it

It went from finast, to tops, to tops, to heinens, and thats when it stops
It went from finast, to tops, and tops, to heinens, and thats when it stops

Oh my god
I feel like I've been gone for a century

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