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Drew The Architect - Human beings learn best and most from other human beings lyrics

Sick from the motion
Know this life go like a rollercoaster
Time is just stolen
One day they gonna give it back like they suppose to
Never not knowing
They in a hole and they never not owing
The clock could be growing
Louder with every tick still they ignore it

Chop them pills pour the deuces
Never would have started if u never saw them do it
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Deaf to the deals, mute to the truces
I don't see a city down there but a nusense
I am the loser no question
Never seen a winner when I look at my reflection
While it seem the world just worry about attention
Id rather they revert it to the kids of rejection
Over thought stressing distressed everything
Every aspect of the place lived in
Bent and its dented no rewinding
Blame it on whatever say u got bad timing
The way to fix sh** in they eyes is astounding
The only time they care is when they ten feet drowning

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