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Drew The Architect - Float lyrics

[Verse 1]
Bitch I float, high and low
I'm the ghost you need to know
Ringing, beeping, dial tones if you attempt to hit my phone
I'm sittin waiting at the top
Got all these tracks, could never flop
I'm killing rappers never stop
I love it when that body drops
I love when the bass start knocking
Shaking, breaking glass
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I'm making cash
Just flippin music
Acrobat the way I do it
Keep it movin, keep your distance
Keep the fuck up out my vision
Bitch I'm quick to eliminate any and all opposition
I just flow, but you don't, I don't think you the get picture
You can come and you can go cuz ain't nobody gonna miss ya
I'm just sitting home alone, I'm drinking water out the pitcher
I'm laid back and I'm relaxed while you think Omen gonna getchya

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