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Drew The Architect - Echo Exhale lyrics

[Verse 1: Rozz Dyliams]
Just going through the motions
It's all starting to get lonely
I know what I want
Now I never wanna know what no means
I started to notice things
Hopped on that boeing
seat in the upright position
but for the life of me I can't remember where I'm going
I decline into the sky so wide eyed, if so to blink
Think it over, don't over think it
And if you think it's over, make it over me
The more you think things over and over
The harder it is to get over things
No timeouts or overtime
I'm over it all or so to speak
Speak sooth in a soothing tone
So when the world listens it'll grow some things
Baby sweetness from the heavens
Who floated down on a lotus leaf
I weep tomorrow, let the pain
And sorrow just dissipate all over me
'Cause I got you wrapped up in my coat
So I could keep you close to me
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Hanging on like we're suppose to be
With the second nature we both can see
Watch as I command the sky
And maneuver through it with these broken wings
24 years going strong
With a brighter song for a darker day
Home is where my heart stay
And home is where you are to me

[Bridge: Fifty Grand]
Wake up and pull my feet up out the grave
She wakes up and puts her feelings back away
I'll see you at 2PM
Call me that
Call me that
Just make sure you love me
Don't let it take too long

[Outro: Rozz Dyliams]
I stood right there
Stared right out at my life
Fell right down on my bed
Heard the sound
Then I felt that my head had instead hit the ground

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