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Drew The Architect - CracksInTheRoad lyrics


I ain't at the club
I ain't at the bar
b**h I'm in the streets
Sliding wit' the doors ajar [2x]

Roof back and I'm flying
Blunt lit now I'm higher
Hanging out the f**in' window
Screaming something like a siren
Artifacts look Mayan
Fresh rip, I'm flying
b**h I'm always buying
Always slowly dying
Berries in the backyard
Apples in the front
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Got some oranges in the sideyard
Pick just what she want
b**h I'm spittin' out the seeds
Feel the gra** on my feet
(Ho I'm) laying in the clouds, lookin' up at the sea
b**h I'm popping like a trunk, in the middle of the summer
In a parking lot bumpin'
See the trunk get to thumpin'
All these b**hes know it's me
They see me with the team
They know it's f**in' Sesh


Wait, wait, wait, ride
Wait, wait, wait, slide
Wait, wait, wait, ride
Wait, wait, wait, slide
(Slide, slide)

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