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Drew Off 917 - 2/4 lyrics

[Intro-Russell Westbrook's game winner against Nuggets and same night he broke the record for most triple doubles in a season]

[Part 1]
Oh you gotta love it yeah yeah
I just picked up my whole squad yeah we on a mission
They Still shooting flamethrowers tryna knock the vision
Since I was only 13, they tried to k** me from inside
But I only cried, I just never died
Bashing my head against freaking the bathroom stalls
Now I came back for y'all
Forget those bathroom stalls
My spirit bomb is ready and now I'm back for more
I'm almost sixteen, still giving out 16's like it's my day job
My generation still tryna bae rob
Man I've in my prime y'all just couldn't see it homie
Sent from the future like Trunks
To murder these demons and murder these rappers
Boutta take over a industry, full of ghostlines and egos
Just accidentally merked all my mis amigos
While I'm looking at capitalism y'all dabbing to migos
I'll pull up to label corporations with No ID
I swear to God you should not try me
Just had conversation with God, I said:
"Why they want me to die
I only write I to get by
I just want music and love so I can live in Dubai"
But I always get left on read so it's k** all life instead
Lately I've been catching up on Deuteronomy
You can not rhyme with me
Y'all better study up on your freaking astronomy
When the stars align awakes the prophecy
Man I'm so filled with ferocity
Boutta just, turn super saiyan
This trooper is sprayin
Your uber ain't stayin
Your shooter is slaying
What am I conveying?
This life is so difficult
I'm chasing my dreams and I'm just gonna freaking go in and get it
Before my people become enslaved by corrupt politicians
They'll throw us in prisons
This is, more than suspicions
I'm applying, all acquisitions
And the, school system ain't safe
I'm pulling the honor roll every semester
I'm mixing, rapping, singing triple double I'm Westbrook
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Still haven't opened up a textbook this when I told em
That I really run it
Made it to the summit never plummet
Y'all weirdos, y'all still listen to the government
I'm flying to planet Namik gotta fulfill my covenant
Collected all the dragon balls
To take your top 5
I line em up then
"Doo doo doo doo"
They kicked me in my back
I used to say "why you"?
I kick back like ryu
Teachers told me that I wasn't nothing
Boutta turn all those words into something
I've been training for this moment
Now I'm draining my opponent
I can't even think about failing losing really not an option
Till they take the .22 and point it to my head
And I euro step past them I can't end up dead
Till I feed my family like words I've said
I'll still pull up with the kaio Ken
I've been going and flowing
I Never will lose and I never will snooze
Won't take my foot of the pedal
I'll hit em straight with that metal
I am the ultimate rebel
I'm here to help the depressed kid who been getting his head thrown in that locker
The kid who lost his girl and didn't make varsity soccer
Trust me I can feel
Just give me 4 months I got stuff to reveal
Hotter then maximum Celsius levels I put that on God
I put that on God
I put that on God
Yeah, yeah that's real

[Part 2-On God(Squad begged for dis one)]

I been putting whole damn hours on the low
They was talking crazy now they switchin yeah I know
Yeah yeah I know
I know
I know
I know
And I've been really putting in work that's on God
I've been really putting in work that's on God
They can't tell me nothing I been putting work, I've been really grinding
Ya'll can't tell me nothing nah nah!

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