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Drew Off 917 - 1/4 lyrics

[Intro-NBA Finals Game 7 Lebron Block]


Look who let a beast off the leash
Beast from the east, beast on the beats
I got my gun loaded like mega man
I'm finna go peg a stan
They told me to stop rapping so I turned to a saiyan
I'm done saying, I'm done playing, labels start paying
Bars like a penitentiary
The Ten that mention me, get annihilated
2017 this how I'm operating
I'm violating
I'm done chasing friends now
Y'all ain't rappers so like the end of the test "all pens down"
I set the trends now
I'm finna get fired up
This my ride up
God beside us
I ran through hell now the deceased destroy
I'm different species like beast boy
Y'all riding all my waves but you can't ride a tsunami
You can try, but you not me
Here comes the kamikaze
Haters all on me
Angels upon me
Hope that you copy
Ain't no half stepping around me
On behalf of the weapon around me
You can't laugh or try rapping against me
Time to pick it up I gotta drill the flow
Keep working till I k** a show
Boutta pop out David Letterman
Swear to God they better let em in
Training in the marine corps still body all the freaking veterans
Good kid from a madd city
Flow crazy getting mad dizzy
Nobody could test me
Nobody could best me
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Snakes thinking somebody possessed me
If you a hater, I'll see you later
I got my own father, up on my radar
I can't trust my own genes what makes you think I'll trust you?
I can't dust my own dreams so why not go and bust you?
We coming live from the land of the snakes
I put a hand to the fakes
We flying past all these haters like Zubat
This that boom bap
Flow like zoom zap
I'm running laps around all these rappers like Usain
It's irrelevant whatever you sayin
I've died too much in the past year
It's time to let that venom free
Then you will remember me
Lucifer couldn't handle my fire that's why he kicked me up outta hell
Titus and I moving parallel
Leaving lyrical typhoons in my tunes
I ain't got no ride or dies
All I see is eyes with lies
This when I decide Ima stay alive
I'm euro stepping around these haters like James Harden
The flames started
I am the monster Minotaur was protecting up in the labyrinth
My DNA from Nazareth
With all honesty I've seen more monsters then the freaking odyssey
Presidential election an atrocity to our democracy
They tryna murder me I hope you heard of me
This one take, no pump fake
It's grind time, that prime time
That Rhyme time, I got the bull's eye
No friends of me, no frenemies, just enemies
This inner me, telling y'all that
This the goat in the making and that
I've been through it and knew it
And view it then do it nobody do it better so get up out my face!

Yo I got two words...
Too Easy

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