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Dre Polo - UGK lyrics

[ Chorus, Dre Polo]
This for my day 1 n***as that be down
This for my day 1 b**hes that be down
I run the town, so I deserve the crown
UGK kings of the underground

[Verse 1, Dre Polo]
I said I think I'm pimp, Hole up I think I'm bun
n***a with a attitude, I feel like Andre young
Lil bad b**h, her p**y got me sprung
Met her in ATL, but baby where you from
She say daddy Texas, I'm stunting on all my exs
Put gold up in my grill, put diamonds on my necklace
I'm talking VVS's, And I still count my blessings
They say one life to live, b**h we just young reckless
I gotta pocket full of weed and a scale
Heard ya album drop and you ain't even make no sales
I can be Barack girl you can gon be my Michelle
Cause if I gotta jail baby girl pay my bail

[Bridge, Dre Polo]
Moving work through the i10 interstate
And when you getting money broke n***as love to hate
Five star dishes, I got lobster with the steak
Skinny n***a eating good, like b**h I'm gaining weight
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[ Chorus, Dre Polo]

[ Verse 2, Mo$t]
Kings of the underground. Pro Club we run that
Play wit the team. You'll get smoked like a blunt rap
We turn up in vip. Ball out when the clubs pacced
Spit it like Bun B but Pimp like a young Chad
Boss like I'm J Prince. My old hoe they ain't sh**
My new b**h is way thick. She roll up and take dick
My chain & my Js sick. I'm fly like a spaceship
If it ain't bout no money then n***a don't say sh**
I kno n***as fake & phony Know n***as hating on me
Waiting on my downfall but tell em keep waitin on me
Back on my Pac sh** I kno you can't see me n***a
Shrimp wit the crab legs. I use to eat TV dinners
I Trap off a flip phone. Yo b**h on my iPhone
She givin me FaceTime But not what you skype on
I might Po up a styrofoam while she roll up that k**
So when you see a pro shinin b**h tell me how you feel Ay

[ Chorus, Dre Polo]

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