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Dre Polo - On My Sh*t lyrics

[Verse 2, Dre Polo]
Dre Polo be the one these rap niggas wanna envy
I'm making 7 out of 10 you ain't even made a penny
My chicks look creole, you need Ms. Cleo
Off the wall Mike Jack, you other niggas Tito
And I'm sipping on Clicqout, I don't do the smirnoff
Talking about money broke nigga we ain't heard yall
I get love in the Third Ward like the bird call
Grinding so much I fuck around and take year off
And come right back on my own schedule
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Made myself a boss tell these lables I won't settle
All these niggas mad cause Im on a new level
All gold bezel, eyes reder than the devil
Swear that all you niggas weird, and all you niggas strange
This is my year and I made my own lane
Fucking up the game, screaming money ain't a thang
Wake up to good head, champagne and MaryJane

[ Chorus]

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