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Dre King - Strip lyrics

[Verse 1]
The way your body naked standing in your high heels
You make me, you make me feel so mannish
I start thinking, I start thinking
Dirty thoughts
Like how [?]
Like how sweet is the chocolate cake
And when you take your jeans off just to put your heels back on

When you strip yeah (strip, strip)
Strip (strip, strip, strip, strip)
All I know [?]
I want you to do you
I wanna persuade you to (strip, Strip)
I can't wait till you (strip, strip, strip, strip)
Strip yeah
I want

[verse 2]
When you're still fresh wet out the shower
You make me wish that I was your bath water
I wanna lay out with you naked for hours (hours)
Let me help you out your bra and those panties too
Keep your high heals on for the freak in you
Now the song turn on I love it

When you strip (strip, strip)
Yeah (strip, strip, strip, strip)
I want you to do you
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Strip, Strip
Yeah baby (strip, strip, strip, strip)
Oh baby take your clothes off
I want you to do you
Take your clothes off

First you take your clothes off
Then you let your hair down
You ridin' me like a seesaw baby, ill become your playground
First you strip your clothes off
Then you let your hair down baby
Then you ride me like a seesaw baby ill become your play ground

I love it when you
Strip strip
Strip, strip, strip, strip
When you strip for me baby
I want you to do you
Strip strip
Please strip yeah
Love it when you strip yeah yeah
I want to do you

Now that were standing face to face
Strip strip
Take your bra off take your panties off
Let your hair down (just strip for me)
I want to do you
Strip strip
Strip strip strip strip

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