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Dre-1 Beats - Third Eye Regime lyrics

[Verse 2: Haze]

Raise up from the darkness
But i never start sh** I finished it
The trees growing better spark it
Ignition lit
We off shift k**in sh**
We on some gotta take off sh**
New heights
Not really touching our ship
We got the realest hits
I deal my own cards
So now i got the biggest hits

Who wanna get it with the team
Bet they thinking they could win
But i guarantee life ain't ever what it seems
Tryna get away with sins
Keep ya eyes open
Or ill be freddy in them dreams
I'm a nightmare
So you know this n***a rank supreme
Cuz i like fear
Play it dirty
But i keep it clean
I'm the god of mischief
So you know a n***a got schemes
[I got schemes]

[Verse 4: Haze]

My third eye blinked
Now i wonder who start it
Eyes opened to a point
I'm on the road but my cars skid
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All bars kid
Read the message
I don't take falls kid
Even when i bungy jump
I'm still going up
Defy laws
Im just saying i'm raw sh**
Hidden message in the blessinG
Im all work so thats all biz
Gimme tea
Some of the green
I'll meditate like im flawless
Im buddha
Never measured in what my flaws is
But i don't take the
Ya take vows
That means it's all silence

While ya fixated
On the missing pieces to the puzzle
Ya missing my keywords
Ima leave you puzzled
Read words
Reaching the point
All ya do is seek herbs
I breathe it in
Its just a plant
For oxygen
We breathe herbs

[seeking enlightenment]
[reaching enlightenment]

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