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Dre-1 Beats - SUR lyrics

[Hook:Jenova IO]
I remember back when, when they would call us whack
Now they got it mixed up (Now they got it mixed up)
Ain't no faith in friends cus in the end
Only god I trust (Only God I trust)
We be chilling in the studio, chilling in the city
We be chilling in the cut (We be chilling in the cut)
Its a South Side thang, Its a South Side Gang
Who better than us, uhh
Oak (Oak) Cliff What I represent
Since 97 been k**ing sh**
And I murder flows, but Im heaven sent
And yall making money but ain't making sense
Uh yeah, Oak Cliff What I represent
Since 97 been k**ing sh**

[Verse 1: Shamman Hippy]

Drawing my thoughts with a muthaf**ing pen
And my friends going in, in the muthaf**ing wind
And we sipping on gin and we puffing oxygen
And our money flipping like a muthaf**ing gym
But that's the paaaaaaa**sst
To be exact this sh** don't ever paaaaaaa**ss
Im tripping cus my mind is so abstraaaaaaaaact
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Don't even know who to trust
Cus of my name they think im doing d**
f** that sh** they throwing f**ing slugs
Shamman talking about the truth like im always drunk
Just a thug with a piece full of energy
Ready for my enemiiieees to shoot
Aiming at the men that respect white, red and the blue
With nothing to lose, YUH!


[Verse 2: Jenova IO]
Uhhh, IO in the building, Gil said to k** it
They say money don't make a man, but you're worth a grand
I'm more like a million
Uhh, the only type of fans you got are plugged up on top of ceilings
I be talking flows, that be taking yo hoes
And it's so appealing, so FUCK YO FEELINGS
Imma keep it mothef**ing G, South (South) side yeah that's a muthaf**ing team
You know my city pop sh**, homies on that block sh**
So you know i got sh**, if anybody wants to screen
Im an OCG till i D-I-E
And imma make sure i make it B-I-G
IO got the coldest flow like a negative 3rd Degree
Its all me what

[Hook x2]

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