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Dre-1 Beats - Pray For Us lyrics

(Verse - January James)
Pray to god one day you see me, wake up in the morning you'll really wanna be me, wake up in the morning and I'm feeling like star, million dollars deal, I feel we've came so far, cause the come up will different and the family's get in it, all these b**hes all talk feeling like I'm winning, listen to my sound Imma have your head spinning, by the end of the night, I might have a new beginning, it's just the family and I, tisk tisk you ain't a real man, you talking to the guy, talking all the gossip, I'll see you on the fly, when I'm out partying, you never drop by, switched up gears and fueled up on them k**as, you gotta take risks I'm not one to pull to a trigga, young enough to be famous, dumb enough to be aimless, we out here being brainless, do me a favor an pray for us, I'll never ask for nothing more, blessing for the whole family, man I gotta thank the lord, my age is just my age, when they see me on stage, I'm praying for another chapter to my life, another page, and credit to my own crew, with out them I wouldn't know what to do, for y'all showing me all this love and support, making all my dreams come true and nothing short
Nothing short is what it was, you get what you deserve, a brotha finally got some buzz, moms still proud of me, not based off the salary, but the fact I grew into my own man mentality, jeee and I wonder what's next, did you really think I would forget, I didn't change up, I state where I'm from, always in the 6 to the 3 to the 1
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(Verse - Fabs)
Pray to god one day I make it so that people in my town talking sh** are all degraded, yea you that I am real, the greatest in the f**ing game, and I'm never bout the money or the mutherf**in' fame, I was only 17 when I tried to chase the dream, of becoming rich and famous rockin' designer like supreme, I'm so fly, so I'm never in defeat, this sh** was all impossible so it seemed, went from riding' in a forester, to banging all the foregin girls, I'm all about the love for the games I never hurt em, sitting everything thats on my mind, I'm cooking all these fire verses and I do it all the time, rap game in the fast lane, you better stay out my f**ing way, I get money, I get paid, party all night to the sh** I make, I'm on that f**ing do or die rap sh**, I could see that all these haters try to ride my f**ing dick, that the sh** I really don't like, all these f**ing clowns, they really try to play with you and rep your f**ing town, all these f**ing fake friends that sh** has got to stop, I told you once before I'm headed to the top, and I'm trying to get this money, so I could just survive, reppin' up my whole town until the day I die, I'm like the homie Michael Phelps swimming through the pool, cause I got the hardest hustle turning pennies into j**els
Yea, and they all a bunch of fools, they all about the b**hes but they all a bunch of tools, moms still proud of me, never bout a salary, the fact I'm running rappers like I'm losing all my calories, damn and I wonder whats next, people talking sh** thats the sh** I don't forget, I didn't try to change it up, I'm standing where I'm from, always in the 6 to the 3 to the 1

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