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Drake - The Motto (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
Back it on up, baby girl, get low
I'mma double your money, better buy you some blow
When the choppers come out, the f** n***as get low
Ask them who they riding with, them real n***as say, "Snow"
That's how you feeling, that's how you feeling, that's how you feeling
Album just dropped, I should do it by the millions
Told my downstairs neighbor I'm bout to buy the whole building
Like Club Amnesia, I'll remove the whole ceiling
While your b**h looking over here like she want something
My partner's so high, looking like he on something
Johnson & Johnson, got the kitchen full of powder
We ain't playing around here, we take choppers in the shower
One hand on the trigger, other hand on the soap
Big gold medallion, call it swag on a rope
Shooters on call all day like CERTs
We at you p**y n***as all day like virgins
K.O.D., we heard you ran out ones
Missed the whole club, must have ran out of funds
Twos on deck, the ones in the air
Blonde laced fronts, ones all in the air
Snowing gears, popping bottles like them n***as won something
Young going in, ain't even won something
The b**h you got with you so fine, I might tip her
Say she work at Macy's, got a body like a stripper, what's up?

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[Hook: Drake]
Say she want a photo, you already know though
You only live once, that's the motto, n***a, YOLO
We bout it every day, every day, every day
Like we sitting on the bench, n***a, we don't really play
Every day, every day, f** what anybody say
Can't see em cause the money in the way, real n***a what's up?

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
Gangster Gibbs, ho, I'm never scared
Flip seven things, go and get a 7 Series
Shorty hit me with that neck when it's necessary
Ciroc-ed out, coconut, she on the red berry
Panamera photo, but you already know though
Couple hundred n***as, Corporate Thuggin' be the logo
Got my chopper from a Cuban and my 'caine from a cholo
Me and Young be the rap game Tony and Manolo
What's up? Nino and G Money
I blood with them B's and C's from D-Money
A n***a used to f** with that barely-could-eat money
Now I got that Ma**u Missa, Nobu, Phillipe money,what's up?
What you know about that p**y on the Perignon
Thug n***a, keep the kush up in his carry-on
Birds for the thirty-three, I got my Larry on
Where the thong at? Freddie home; real n***a, what's up?


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