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Drake - Made lyrics

The only thing I'm seeing I'd like to put an amend on,
Perhaps a little more room here for the fixins.
You know what I'm talkin' bout?
Ooh, we gon' have a lot of fixins.
We gonna have so many f**ing fixins up in this motherf**ers,
This sh** gon' go through the roof (ooh)
God damn I'm sh**tin' gold these days Soulja Boy, Drake
Oh, we made it
Turn me up just a little bit in the headphone
International n***a we made it, aye
We made it
n***a we made it, aye
Damn, we made it
n***a we made it, aye
We made it, aye
n***a we made it, aye
We made it Yeah
She said she workin' for Walgreens but not in the store, at the head office
The head was so good it make sense why you work at the head office
In 2007 I sat in a lobby in Motown and waited
Now I walk into the buildin' and go off like "n***a we made it!"
When I walk through these halls, man this beat should be playin'
I just came to make sure you not missin' no payments
Now turn this sh** down while I issue my statement
It needed a moment of silence, n***a we made it!
You fly out your lady, I fly out my ladies
b**hes can't front on the kid anymore, man they know what my name is
And if by chance she don't know who I am, she just know that I'm famous
Imma just hand her a business card and say "n***a we made it!"
And she gotta come to the hotel and pop it off for me
Then she gon' text her best friend like "Girl he got some good dick and money"
Her friend hit her back like "I know that already, that n***a's amazin'"
Then I send a message to both of they a**es like "n***a we made it!" Kinda makes me wonder
Why the hell so many people are tryna tell me to slow down.
Seems like motherf**ers should be shuttin' the hell up and enjoyin' the show Aye
We made it
n***a we made it, aye
Damn we made it
n***a we made it, aye
We made it, aye
n***a we made it, aye
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We made it Yeah
If they with me, just know that they wit' it and 'bout it
If I said it, I meant it, it's no way around it
OVO, Reps Up, and P. Reign is next up, watch Gway go crazy
When Baka came home for the holidays, I was like "n***a we made it!"
And all of those lawyer fees, n***a I paid it
My family get all of my loyalty, all of my patience
My life for your life, man I wouldn't trade it
I would just look at you dead in the face and say "n***a we made it!"
I swear that we made it, sell out that thing, I'm the king in Jamaica
But I've been on that wave, that's why this year I tell yah, I don't need no favors
(Damn, Soulja Boy stunt on them haters)
And my resolution for New Years is n***a we made it!
You don't know how long I waited
I coulda been waitin' on tables, my karma's amazin'
I'm out in the Caymans
Rented a 12-bedroom house just to sleep all the women we came with
That's ignorant, ain't it?
Sometimes I question myself when I think 'bout the pictures I painted
Then I pick up my brush and I sign at the bottom
Like "n***a we made it!" Aye
We made it
n***a we made it, aye
Damn we made it How long spent in the hood
Tellin' my partner
And my momma, everything gonna be all good
n***a we made it!
I'm up in Las Vegas
Damn, I never was supposed to have sh**
Now my life is lavish
Every night, f**in' a bad b**h,
n***a we made it!
Coppin' a Lambo, cash,
The Bentley, 2 times I crashed
n***a we made it!
Look at them n***as' faces, them n***as, they hate it
I look a n***a in his face and say "n***a we made it!"
Soulja Boy stunt on them haters
And these days I don't need no favors
n***a we made it! You already know man
Phone call back to the old hood see whats going on
Br br, n***a we made it

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