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Drake - The Presentation lyrics

And homie you ain't even on my altitude
I'm tellin you, I got enough cloud for two
And like a nxgga turn blood I came out the blue
They like, "damn who's drake, where's wheel-chair-Jimmy at?"
On my chris brown shxt. I'm still here. gimme dat
I'm cuttin lights out like it's bedtime
These other rappers luke-warm like redwine
The truth hurts so please don't rub it in
I'm not signed yet, so I'm still budgetin'
I'm like jeopardy-I'm still buzzin in
Every city that you gotta nephew or a cousin in
(ugh) I miss cake these days
I can't even afford a mistake these days
All of my favorite girls miss drake these days
Please don't take offense to my ways

Cause I need drug money
Who got drug money
I am talkin "white phantom sittin on dub" money
I am talkin "cold champaigne at tha club" money
And no I ain't emotional but baby I love money
To all these A&R's that's playin stars
Why you gotta act dumb (dumb)
Your girl kno how I beat it like a flat drum
I spit dirty like I'm chewin on black gum
I fooled ya'll ain't shxt for me to come back from

[beat changes]

[Drake: talking]
I'd like to take this opportunity to formally welcome you to this
extravaganza that I call Comeback Season. Hope you enjoy your stay
drinks are on my by the way [laughs] yeah

How the f** jay and dame gon' break up before they meet drake
I'm sure it can be resolved I'm just hopin that they make up
I've perfected my craft using ?
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Tryna make some cheese off a single is a process
Craft. single. cheese. process
Sit back and admire the talent that I possess
Top notch, no less
Oh yes
I'm known in the city, but need to bust out like a model to show chest
Cause you deal with agents from check collections
I'm keepin it clean in a little X direction
And babygirl if you don't like me it's probably due to the fact that you are last like next selection
The city is mine, I control this
You know this
Cause you are nothing like it and I'm ? you ? this
I'm a jamaican doctor, The Bay, WHAT UP OTIS?!
I'm back with the form like opis I go
And I'm a teach it so you learn right
You can't come on this ride you need to earn height
With no hyrdo bill I let the lights burn out
And after that I take em' back like returned flights
You can't ? me ? rich
United like ?
Barmitsfa kidd
Get your hits destroyed
Cause I keep it under wraps like christmas toys
No witnesses
No mistresses
This the present and I'm a show you wut gifted is mayne
Keep it real no other youngins as hot as me
You a gucci groupie my nxgga and I'm a prodigy
What I'm direct for
Cause I'm who they check for
I waited for connects
Why you was playin connect four
You was playin uno
I was doin you know -wut-eva us rappers do to develop a new flow
I promise

Shout out to 40-40
Yeah my right hand!

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