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Drake - Teach U A Lesson (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1: Drake]
Me and you so crucial baby
And that champagne so fuchsia baby
I do things that you ain't use to baby
And take you back home to St. Lucia baby
When raindrops hit the tan roof its crazy
That's a metaphor, did I lose ya baby?
When you are wet and covered in sweat
I'll wipe ya a** down like Boosie baby
I love all my feedback
Tell me to give it to ya if you need that
Touch right there, whatever the speeds at
If it's over fast then I promise you will relapse
Forget what you guess that I'm on and who is in your past
I'm refreshing and grown
Just charge that cell that I message you on
And if you lets us girl, I'mma bring the dressing along
You hear that professional tone?
Half of that's ice and the rest is Patron
Show up on time for the cla** I'm teaching
Cause guaranteed I'mma bring a lesson along
And you just gotta bring the breastes along
Instead of holding out wondering what it coulda been
I confess this address to you
And I'm the post man looking for a slot I can put it in
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With no New York number mom still upstairs
I'm two floors under but my room's sound proof
You so tempted to satisfy your urge so you don't wonder
I know I told you before I'll grab that for ya like holding a door
Cause mines it Polo and yours is Vickie
And they just spread all over the floor like

[Hook: Robin Thicke]
You feel so good
You smell so good
You feel so warm
Just like I knew you would
Can't let you go
Can't let you go
I can't let you go

[Verse 2: Robin Thicke]
You were late to school
I gonna have to see you after cla**
You've been a bad girl
Some's gonna have to teach you a lesson
You're a bad girl
Someone's gonna have to straighten you up
You've been a bad girl
Someone's gonna have to teach ya

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