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Down Under Beats Crew - Under Raps lyrics

"I can't imagine my life, or anyone else's, without music
It's like a light in the darkness, but never goes out"

"I'll tell anything
It's alright, it's alright"

[Verse 1: Dialectrix]
I find a place to hide away and hibernate
Try escape what's choking me but never go to sleep because I'm wide awake
Insomnia within the fire, breathing muster-bond(?) to stay up late
Like the parents of a teething toddler, what I conjure
The product of my cognitive faculties
I bleed it randomly, destructively reaking anarchy
See elaboratley I make what most don't understand
Mindframe's within paralysis so rock cover bands
So from the great southern lands, but the times they are a changing
Ways of entertaining man
They slightly rearranging
But I still have firm tradition, boil it to the hottest temperature
The judge concedes the throne and polishes an emperor
You wanna battle so forth etcetera
But what you got inside wouldn't be felt if you have an anima
I do this on the regular, I'm showing my abilities
Your liabilites are social pop viabilities
At verse variables - lack of staunch ethics
You get less authentic while we get augmented
Tormented when you realise we got it under raps
Bust till our lungs collapse - hitting ears like thunder claps
DOWN UNDER'S BACK, representing something fierce
Ready to roll just like an alcoholic sculling beers
If progression is the target we're the aiming musketeers
And if we miss - that's as tragic as the last hundred years
My fears are scarce like my lack of enjoyment
Who said being dope and success was disjointed?
Pinpointed somewhere between distant and aptable
Born on the day evolution gave wisdom to animals
I don't need to get some rest or psychic premonition
See you utter definitions of a repetitious exhibition
Like an exorcism, spirit envoking exbidition
Not ready to stop till it's alright to get some recognition

"I'll tell anything, it's alright, it's alright"
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Until it's under raps, it ain't alright
Down Under Beats, under raps for life
"I'll tell anything, it's alright, it's alright"
Until it's under raps, it ain't alright
Down Under Beats, under raps for life

[Verse 2: Joe New]
I know a place where no one knows or ever goes
Windy weather blows pain, they're like bindis on your toes
Above the canopy my sanctuary, I compose a natural managery
It's not imaginary, know those who have witnessed
This eucalyptus aromatic Blue existence
With panoramic views into the distance
Through the eyes of the author from headquarters in skys
My scriptorial melines(?) get thought up now
I'm a thundercloud coming down
Yo my pen strikes to excercise, I'm running my mouth
Without a vowel saying what you want can get difficult
Take five pages to write sixteen bar intervals
With interior dedication, I gain superior technique with correct letter placement
I prep a page to record, get it laid and stored
Return to my solitude and create some more
I'm a notepad nomad on a bed of sandstone
Doing collabs with my bush buds - I keep it home grown
I throw stones at foreign hikers from a cliff
And when ya reverse evil - it spells out the way I live
And that's my positive, yeah that's my routine test
I've got more time on my hands since my hoop dreams d**h
My youth and my teen friends I left upon this quest
Till I serve up the rawness like a sushi chef
So you need not step unless you're putting in the effort
My work ethic with grammer gives some manner to my method
Do the overtime, not open mics but when I start man I end it and I
Don't battle with raps, I'm at peace till they're perfected
I'm still headed to my ill set and that's astounding
I write a page a day and moved through mouths but who's counting?
Five years pa** to find my art beyond 2000
And I tell it how I see it, sitting upon the Blue Mountains


"Get down"
"Keep on running"

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