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Down Under Beats Crew - Its Unnatural lyrics

What have we done to this land that we live in
Why do we act in a manner that's considered unnatural

[Verse 1: Dialectrix]
Our cold winter outlook(?) while offers entice, wanna buy
It's hard to be down to earth when skyscrapers touch the sky
It's hard to be anything that's not influenced by dollar signs
I often find most ostracised to rot inside unconscious minds
Whether it be seeing money hungary yuppies willing their love around cash
Whether it be greed, whether it be lack of knowledge with ominous acts
Whether it come in the form of lack of compa**ion, put thumb in our backs
I turned in the mental sense, ignoring and torching; igniting the facts
The truth's that we over eat fast food over groceries
This life's a box of chocolates that's consumed by the obese
With dietary suppliments to cope with the rubbish which
This generation's fed on chemically modified sustenance
This planet we keep manipulating its integrity
And when it rebuts, recipricates us with severity
Of polar extremes and believe it or not we live in a world that ultimatley
Has evolved to a holding retreat

What have we done to this land that we live in
Stabilities forbidden for men, woman and children
Why do we act in a manner that's considered unnatural, its unnatural
What have we done to this land that we live in
Stabilities forbidden for men, woman and children
Why do we act in a manner that's considered unnatural, its unnatural

[Verse 2: John New]
I think about the state of the world, it's tragic I used to
Say 'life's the sh**' but now I think it's the magnet for maggots
Cos of the human races complacent defacement
Environmentally, technology's destruction for payment is blatant
When the payback bites, with the arctic wind and the lightning strikes
My heart sinks when I think that we cannot win then we've already lost the fight
Never stood up, never left the seat
Why'd we lay down to accept defeat
Perpetually the day will come when we'll ask ourselves 'what have we done?'
The day is now, what are you gonna do?
Gotta go to work cos you gotta get food
Feed the family, the need to eat
You might wanna help but won't afford your keep
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Week to week you go about your business
Deep down you know what the sitch is
No longer survival of the fittest, more like the title of the richest
Now cash is the cancer, I state the facts cos rap don't have the answer
Cos I gotta get paid
And if I don't I get slaughtered to the bottom of the food chain
It's inhumane the way it is, we could make a change to this self-destructiveness
Never too late to try help or attempt to redeem the past, in the future prevent


[Verse 3: Dialectrix and John New]
Now it seems that we lost the love we had
Breathing costs us about as much we have
I'm sick of everyone - hypercondriac
Hypocrites stick a plane where we're on the map
It's indicitive of what's upon us
Has been manifested in culure attacks
And prevelant millions(?) hate to hault us
So one should ask what one should alter
Take it easy, slow your pulses
Infer the needy and embrace all cultures
I understand that patriotism should not be confused with racism
Laying your latch, oh you lost me right; chanting out white Aussie pride
My opinion before you can ask me
You no longer wrong? Should turn to the Nazis
Slow with the prejudice, let's take it back
To a time when we didn't cut habitats
To a time when we never had poison lakes
I don't enjoy the taste of toilet waste
It ain't that bad, I exaggerated
The fact that nature's not back to basics
It's complicated and overwhelmed
You chose a hill for you to grow the wealth
I know myself and what don't make me happy
Is the k**ing of the trees, clearing of the valleys
Who never wanna be a vigilante in Ta**ie
Get the logger trucks, break em' down to their cha**is
When the truth is cold you catch the draft
But the future mustn't match the past
What have we done to help this last
It's a question that we have to ask


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