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Down Under Beats Crew - Better Yourself lyrics

[Dialectrix and Joe New]
We all start from the gun, small time at the beginning
Line pa**ed, times fun, sponge minds
Familiarise lyrics, beats, pieces, styles of origin
Aspiring predecessors help you rise with confidence
We size up continents, turn failure to accomplishments
Operettist, breed success in beats then compliments
Thrive in the deep-end, thrive in achievement
Decipher the meaning to better yourself is our reason

The reason we exist while we be doing this
To commit to the sk**s I seek improvement in
It seems intuitive, for me to move within
A scene where music lives to keep me lucrative
I flee like fugitives from boderlines and normal life
Focus more decisive, concentrate to slaughter mics
Then never quit but join a fellowship
And try not to bite the hand of thirty styles; I drink from the well equipped

[Joe New]
I'm telling this to better the stakes
I dedicate then I make 12" bombs and lay them to detonate
I never say never, I stay together till the break
If one's broke, build back the bones until I stand straight
My handshake will tell you nothing about something
So understanding me's more easy when listened to through production
I'm moving up end, well tied down and practiced
World-wide, our hometown and all round the atlas

So locally if you're hearing this
Or Australia if you're feeling this
To the World-wide this is where it is
We're gonna tell you right now what our theory is
Just stick to maintain day by day gain
More sk**, improve, move up, make change
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The state of your mind reflects the state of your health
The state of your wealth in time effects your life and yourself
Just stick to maintain day by day gain
More sk**, improve, move up, make change
Let yourself be yourself to better yourself
Just let yourself be yourself to better yourself

Hook rep in size(?), saki booster energise
I feel most purified with the thought we're all unified
I'm true to mind and I don't play charades
I'd rather stay and make lyric tailor-made, razorblades
Peace who paved the way, but we all were up and comers
I'm teaching you not dissing, supporting up the numbers
I'll step in the realm with the Next in the shelf
Practiceing "to better myself" --] Pressure MC

[Joe New]
I'm destined to help, nine years of ideas put to use
To produce us pioneers, now I see the youth
They box breaths on shop steps, rehearse then turn in rock sets
Every other rapper says "I got Next"
Preach rhymes in life at the tip of my quest
Dive into the depths, resurface spitting liquid off the chest
Stick to it to the end and maintain your main aim
Make changes, stay as you are and act the same


[Scratches: Platterpush and Codeks on the decks]
"Better myself" --] Pressure
"Rap for yourself"
"Start believing in yourself, start having knowledge of self
And knowledge of others
"Get up, get up"
"Rise up and try and change it around and bring positivity into the organisation
I give you; Hip-Hop"

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