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Down/Kilo - Gangsta Games lyrics

Get ready
Get ready
For the gangster, gangster
Get ready

(Verse 1)
[Down] Here we go
Put your gloves on
Load up the Glock
[Fingazz] Somebody gonna get shot
[Down] Let's get ready to rock
Eastside got the biggest f**in' balls
With some vicious motherf**in' dogs
With the evil S runnin' through my f**in' blood
And we ain't gonna stop
We tearin' it up
We bringing it rough
And we don't give a f**
This is straight up
[Both] Gangsta love
[Down] For all my eses that are
All bald
Taking your wifeys and taking a car
Or sitting in the kitchen
Cooking cookies in the yard
This is strictly for the doggies
In San Quintin, sittin' behind bars
With thirteen bullets, (?) just seen it all
Walking the yard with shags, ready to brawl
This is for all y'all
From the bottom of my heart
Gangsta sh**
And that's ours

Chorus: Fingazz
That gangsta sh**
As you ride up and down the eastside (Yeah)
For the one time homie
It's the C-O, L-O, N-I-A
Motherf**er, we don't play games
This is that gangsta sh**
As you ride up and down the eastside (b**h)
For the one time homie
It's the C-O, L-O, N-I-A

I'm Down

(Verse 2)
[Down] I'm the type of dawg that loves to look good
[Fingazz] And not like those b**hes that do what they should
[Down] Bring you 501's .48's
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With the chrome gun, representing the hood
Sitting on a brand new ride, so it's all good
[Fingazz] You know it's all good in Cali
[Down] I was hanging out this one afternoon
Getting all brewed
Eating some dog food
I was rollin' through the hood
Bumping some old school
Puffing on a bamboo, feeling like a player should
This is for the tailors that bumpin' the Kenwood
And for my gang
That's dressed in all blues
Sitting on chrome shoes, ready to stick a move
Looking sharper than a zoo suit
Going on a limo cruise, chugging on the deuce-deuce
Gone with some evil loc's, lookin' for the prostitutes

Repeat Chorus

Hook: Fingazz
No, you can't stop the gang from bangin' on ya
Cause you're too hard up in Oxnard, California
And motherf**er, yes, I tried to warn ya
You can't stop that gangsta sh**

(Verse 3)
[Down] I broke the handcuffs and loaded my gun
[Fingazz] And if you step inside the wretched, you're gonna get thugged
[Down] I put the blunt to my lips and fired it up
[Fingazz] Smoke the whole damn thing, then we roll another one
[Down] I got hoes lined up
Ready to f**
So I called up my dawgs, so I hit the rugs
It's on, doggie
Take your leash off
Tell your hoe you'll be back, and drop that b**h off
Turn all communications up
And let's get it on
[Fingazz] Baby, let's get it on, til the break of dawn
[Down] It was 9'o clock
Wrapped up a session in the studio
And shooked the spot
Locked the low-low in the air, about four knobs
Thinking like I'm drinking, throwin' signs at the top
Leaving the block
Thinking about p**y
[Fingazz] L-O, V-In'
[Down] And getting a blowjob

Repeat Chorus

{*Fingazz ad-libbing*}

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