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Down/Kilo - 40 Oz. lyrics

(Fingazz in background)
[Don Cisco] It's Don Cisco, baby
I'm up in here with this forty ounce bounce gangstas
Gettin' more money and gettin' more subs, what you wanna do
Yeah (Forty ounce)
I'm f**ing with Down
The homeboy Two
Complements of Fingazz
Rest in peace, Roger Troutman, my uncle, we love you
It's gangsta sh**
[Fingazz] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Don Cisco]
I got chronic sack dreams
Forty ounce swishas
Al Green
Dippin' and hittin' switches
High sidin' on the 405 with four or five b**hes
.45 in my lap
For them gangsta hatin' snitches
Pranksters like that
Can't ride with us
I roll with Daz & Kurupt, as b**hes ride the nuts
Slide in the cut
Puffin' lye, high as the f**
f**in' with Down and Two
Pouring, ridin' the trucks
Our rap expedition
Mexicali thuggin'
In position for the Henny nut guzzlin'
They got them by the cases
Sittin' all nice
Big bodies, big faces, boy, I'm livin' the life
For those that don't know
I'm spittin' it twice
They call me Sancho
Man, I'm hittin' your wife
The Don C-I-S-C-O
Blaze up the bomb with the biotch, CEO

Chorus 1: Fingazz
My, forty ounce
Forty ounce
My, forty ounce
"Blaze up the bomb with the biotch, CEO" --] Don Cisco (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Repeat Chorus 1

[Verse 2: Down]
The phone rang
And I woke up
My little homie said, "Let's get out five cups"
So I jumped in my (???), already dressed up
Grabbed my sack and my gun and got up
Picked up two about ten o'clock
He jumped in my car with this f**ing Glock
We left his block faster than a f**ing dog
Headed for the liquor stop, bumpin' some Zapp
Stop at the liquor store, for some forties
And some regular white zags
So we could roll dank
And put forties in brown bags and drive drunk
And break the Cadillac (You know)
Driving like a maniac
On my way to get the homies are at
f**in', talkin' (???) Down, (???) in a cap
With this crazy a**
Me and Ducky was drinking forties
Jumpin' over the wall, doin' Down, pimpin'
Out of the car
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With the forty in my hand
Ready to g**n
Drinking forties up to Vegas
Do the same thang (Same thang)
In Oxnard drift off to summer land
Eastside gang, bang (Bang)

Chorus 2: Fingazz
My, forty ounce
Forty ounce
My, forty ounce
"With the forty in my hand..." (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
"Ready to g**n" --] Down

Repeat Chorus 1

[Verse 3: Two]
Around me
The chronic smoke lingers
And you know that I'm a forty ounce drinker
Bounce to Down's house, so we got the forty ounce now
We're all around town, with the top down
Hit it
Tilt it
Juries, wear booties, putting on and exhibit
His gangstas started at the after party (Eastside)
Puffing on chronic to my forty ounce ballot

Break: Fingazz
Get it up
Drink it up
Get that, chronic
Light it up, then pa** it around

(Verse 4)
[Down] Walking on the calle with my forty ounce
I had the joint in my mouth, when I left the house
Heavy as f** cause I just got out
All blue'd up, g**n the f** out
With the gangsta talk and my gangsta walk
First day out, getting all f**ed up
With the homies in the hood, gettin' out to rub
Homie, what up, let's fire it up
This is for my alcoholics and all my thugs
Let's burn it up
[Fingazz] Sho', bud, baby

Repeat Chorus 2 & Chorus 1

Baby, baby
My forty ounce
My forty ounce
Yeah, baby
Get, get, get, get, get, get out your
Forty, baby
Sip on it, baby
Your forty ounce
Your forty ounce
Forty ounce
More forty ounce
Baby, forty ounce
My forty ounce
Baby, baby
My forty ounce
My forty ounce

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