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Down/Kilo - Put Your Locs On lyrics

"Fi-fi-fi-fi-Fingazz on the track"

Pre-Chorus: Jah Free
Now, everybody stop
And put 'em on (On...)
Homie, put your locs on (On...)
I said, put 'em on (On...)
Okay (Okay)
Now it's on

Chorus: Jah Free
I can see you, but you can't see me
Got my locs on, yeah, I'm a G (Oh, oh)
And little mama over there lookin' so fly
Know she want a loc'ed out G like me (Yeah)
Yeah, I got my locs on
So I'm ready to ride
I'm so high
Gotta cover my eyes
Got my locs on
Locs on
Homie, put your locs on
Locs on (On...)

[Verse 1: Down {Down slowed down}]
Whether you're pelon
Or hair net, in Tres
Flores in the palm calm
We are the same
Cause I bet you got your locs on
And when you ride
Bet you got that hundred spokes on
It's so O.G
It's so cholo
And so, homey
I know you down like Down, little homey
So what you say, mama
You wanna roll
We can smoke out
The bright lights got me loc'ed out
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I put the top down
She likes that
So she puts the top down and jumps in the back
Then she strips down to her thong
She say she wanna do it with the locs on {On-on-on, on}

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Down {Jah Free}]
Now put 'em on, put 'em on, when you're riding through your city
In the Chevy, rollin' heavy to my song (To my song)
And now I'll never keep it goin', got the trees, so we're blowin'
Like the wind, get it in til the dawn (Dawn)
It seems like everywhere I go and every single down
Little mamas wanna chill with this cholo named Down (Down...)
So I stay with my lizzocs, I'll make you see mizzos
The haters can see me, but I still got the pistols
And I ain't lookin' for no drama, I'm just lookin'
For my future baby mama with my city locs on {Locs on}
I rob your show, sip Patron out the bottle
Like a G, break her off, and then I'm gone
Now sing the song

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Down]
I'm matching with my white T, all black Dickies
And a fresh new pair of Nikes
I wear 'em with my brand
I wear 'em with my fitted
I stay G'ed up with my locs all tinted
So I can see you, but you can't see me
I'm a superstar, still hit the swap meet
I keep it low key
I keep it so hood
I stay loc'ed out, and it's all to the good

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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