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Dove Hagan - The Vision lyrics

The Vision is clear
Dreams sometimes fade
Yet the most precious thing to ask is always there
You have more than anything, anything you can want Hook:
You cannot be my purpose
You cannot do this for me
I've got to hold my own now
Got to be all I can be
The Master of my vision
I am on higher ground now
You cannot hold me back
You cannot keep me down Verse:
Alone top of the world
Facing fears alone
Given wings to fly
To make it on my own
Heart aches for clarity
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Secrets deep inside
Refuse to fade away
No longer paralyzed Hook Verse:
Standing as though I'm strong
Crying for relief
Praying for forgiveness
Taking pa**ion's leap
Was walking in a haze
Now I'm walking in truth
I'm stronger everyday
No more control from you Hook 2x Bridge:
And now I see my purpose
I know what dreams are made of
Clipped wings took flight to soar high
Above the mysteries and lies
Unburdened by the truth
No longer losing ground
World challenged with no clue
They cannot stop me now. Break Hook repeat fade out

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