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Dove Hagan - Our Souls lyrics

Spoken word intro:
Our souls come together
Why's that?
Because we've been down forever
Since the first eternal spring
Life everlasting
Blessing existence with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding
Creating emotions that shiver through my cerebral cortex
External factors create division - Montague and Capulet
Nothing can divide what we continue to cherish
Our souls deep as the rivers remain unblemished Refrain:
Our souls run deep; our souls run deep as the river Verse 1
The clay was formed (image of He)
The breath to live (one life)
Through these veins
The peaceful waters are flowing (they flow)
What a high
A natural high
What a way to fly (fly...)
Shared piece of He (one love)
Joined eternally (infinity)
United love
God gave him Dove
He's on cloud nine (heaven you seek)
Come in the waters fine
There's peace in me
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So come on, come on Refrain Verse II
The living one (our seed)
Her life she'd give (womb of me)
Unnamed harm
Won't let go of this yearning (yearning)
Not damned by night
Inner peace on high (high...)
He's man you see (the strength of me)
Fills all my needs (makes me complete)
He gave us verbs
Morseled words are flowing
Just take your time (paced heartbeats)
Our actions heal our mind
No doubt from me
So come on, come on Refrain Bridge - S.O.U.L.
Something was missing from my life and God knew just what it was
Nightly I prayed for an angel but he sent me a dove
You're created to be a part of me like
Adam and Eve
He gave you half of my lungs to help you breathe easy - believe me
Life is complicated enough I need some comfort baby
Daily dodging bullets like rain drops this world is crazy
Te amo un beso, te amo - let's let them all know shallow minded people can't understand how deep our soul goes...tell 'em Dove Refrain We got this S.O.U.L.
We gone make this work
And show the world what love is

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