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Dougy D - Do or Die (The Evolution) lyrics

(First Verse)
I'm the needle to your haystack! People in this place act
Evil; but to phase that, we will end it a.s.a.p
Lethal as it plays back. Regal is the face that
You're listening to. I'm missing a screw. The mission is to deface rap criminals
Watch how I phrase that. Today's actually the day
That you will see fake a** mistakes as
The fakes that they are
I'm on that kick, snare, ba**, clap. Johnny Cash, cape's black. Waste half
Keep the other. Stay mad, we recover
Way back, you'd think that we'd complete each other
But I've replaced whack feelings. Put these lyrics on your placemat
But they're ain't a person on this planet who can tell me what I say is crap
I'm a glitch in the system, a kid that's fixing to get some
Delicious hits and remix them. My instruments are my lips and
I won't stop till I get enough!
We hate, we steal, we rape, we k**. It makes me ill
The never ending search for that crazy thrill
If I don't die trying then my baby will
I'm slowing some, going numb. Now you understand why nothing hurts me
First we round them up and then we keep showing no f**ing mercy!

(Second Verse)
I hope you know that I can see you eyeing me. I'll try to beat you silently
If I succeed, you die and we revive and realign what these
Defiant thieves have tried to keep deprived. If we combine a beat
Designed with me in mind and these designs, we see your mind is freed
You can't refuse the bliss. You're damned if you resist
The man that you just kissed, he is the grand illusionist
And he demands that you persist. The hand that's used to frisk
Is simply sand into the mist. His plans for you are fixed
I can't dilude the mix or go demand that you persist
Cause all I am to you is this, a man for you to miss
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That's why I shuttered as the devil canned the fruit of risk
And spoonfed the ma**es cause only a man will use his fists
Right?! There's no other way to attack back
An atomic bomb is a Comic-Con enthusiast with a backpack
Cause he wanted a brand new map pack. They can trust his word but it's just absurd
When I want to get the people that he'd blast at from becoming the next new hashtag?! Nah!

(Third Verse)
I do, you die. You do, I do better!
I don't give a what, when, where, whoever!
I'm too clever when I put these lyrics together
So screw a leaf. I mean, let's turn over a new feather
Cause I just ran out of ink. The quill is quick to quit
So Dougy's will is written with the blood of illness. Sick as sh**!
The flick is lit and, for my arch enemy, this is it
He's neither tangible nor is his lip
So you run, I jump. You jump, I jump higher!
If life is a b**h, I turned her lose and untied her
Some kind rapper I am for making one fire
Burn your whole house down. Never will my lungs tire!
I'm using my music by preparing to survive
I'll crucify you if I catch you scooting by
Using hilariously stupid lines but doing fine
I'm one hell of an artist to define
But if you look up the phrase "Jack of All Trades"
Then you'll see my name at the end of page
Money and fame are the common goals of broken mothers' kids neglected
Disrespected, broken, and forever living misdirected
He lives a hectic life but finds he's feeling less affected
Maybe there's hope for humans after all; let's resurrect it
She lives a hectic life but finds he's feeling less affected
This is the people's mentality now. We best protect it!

Yeah. It's do or die!

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