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Dougy D - 4Forty Bars lyrics

I belong in a coo coo's nest. All I think about is music and ooVoo s**
Scrawny white boy couldn't do two sets cause if I lose weight, I'll fit into a too too dress
I'm on SoundCloud then it's YouTube next in my suede blue shoes, taking Blue's Clues steps
But I don't sing the blues. I'm too depressed to be an Elvis but I do use stress
To sh** on the mic so if I died on the toilet, that would be all too fitting
Cause I want to be a legend. I'm Cobain in a deep depression
I just got a D instead of an A in Trig so I need a lesson
I need an edu-cation? f** this nation! We need a govern-
Ment that supports it's own health care. What about the debt ceiling? We get no help there
They're just gonna raise it like my blood pressure when I see my own generation's
Instagram pictures. These damn hipsters, "#nofilter"
You can't cover up like Casey Anthony. You know that a**hole k**ed her
Kid like I k**ed this verse. The illest words for the listeners I don't have
From a notepad to a stage where I go H.A.M. and grab on my gonads
This is Sigmund Freud with a rhythmic voice. I go psycho as
Little kids with Christmas toys. You get destroyed when I spit my flow, yeah!
This is Dougy D the re-vival. I'm in de-nial
Of the bible. I still believe in God but these people think it's
Of vital importance that I believe in some title
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What I know is I don't know enough about life so f** my whole
Clique of friends that think they know me. I'm Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock when I
Spit a sentence, everything below me goes "EXPLOSION SOUND EFFECT" but I'm still sick and lonely
Cause this isn't '69. I've never done a 69
But I f** a beat up pretty fine and if you don't like it, hit rewind
And play it back like fifty times. I'll shove this sh** in your ears like a dick in a b**h
While a finger hits her clit three times in a minute. Please forgive me, I'm
Slim but not shady cause God made me too square for ganja
Even though my parents on a irregular basis both did marijuana
In high school. I ask where then on the timeline did I become so innocent
Sober in my life and penmanship. People think that means I don't know sh**
But I listened to Purple Rain way back in my Steve Urkel days
Before I rapped, had cla**ic taste. You rabbits run in a turtle race
So f** y'all, all of y'all! If y'all don't like me, sue me
Y'all just kept f**ing around with me so welcome all to the new me
Dr. Dre, Hopsin, Shady, D12, Tech N9ne, Lupe, MGK
Plenty Jay Z, Kendrick, Aesop Rock, ICP make me who I am today
D.O.U.G.Y with another D. Why stop when it doesn't have to end?
Got no other reason to be alive. It's me, guys! (Throat clearing) I'm f**ing back again!

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