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Dougy D - 4Forty Bars lyrics

I belong in a coo coo's nest. All I think about is music and ooVoo sex
Scrawny white boy couldn't do two sets cause if I lose weight, I'll fit into a too too dress
I'm on SoundCloud then it's YouTube next in my suede blue shoes, taking Blue's Clues steps
But I don't sing the blues. I'm too depressed to be an Elvis but I do use stress
To shit on the mic so if I died on the toilet, that would be all too fitting
Cause I want to be a legend. I'm Cobain in a deep depression
I just got a D instead of an A in Trig so I need a lesson
I need an edu-cation? Fuck this nation! We need a govern-
Ment that supports it's own health care. What about the debt ceiling? We get no help there
They're just gonna raise it like my blood pressure when I see my own generation's
Instagram pictures. These damn hipsters, "#nofilter"
You can't cover up like Casey Anthony. You know that asshole killed her
Kid like I killed this verse. The illest words for the listeners I don't have
From a notepad to a stage where I go H.A.M. and grab on my gonads
This is Sigmund Freud with a rhythmic voice. I go psycho as
Little kids with Christmas toys. You get destroyed when I spit my flow, yeah!
This is Dougy D the re-vival. I'm in de-nial
Of the bible. I still believe in God but these people think it's
Of vital importance that I believe in some title
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What I know is I don't know enough about life so fuck my whole
Clique of friends that think they know me. I'm Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock when I
Spit a sentence, everything below me goes "EXPLOSION SOUND EFFECT" but I'm still sick and lonely
Cause this isn't '69. I've never done a 69
But I fuck a beat up pretty fine and if you don't like it, hit rewind
And play it back like fifty times. I'll shove this shit in your ears like a dick in a bitch
While a finger hits her clit three times in a minute. Please forgive me, I'm
Slim but not shady cause God made me too square for ganja
Even though my parents on a irregular basis both did marijuana
In high school. I ask where then on the timeline did I become so innocent
Sober in my life and penmanship. People think that means I don't know shit
But I listened to Purple Rain way back in my Steve Urkel days
Before I rapped, had classic taste. You rabbits run in a turtle race
So fuck y'all, all of y'all! If y'all don't like me, sue me
Y'all just kept fucking around with me so welcome all to the new me
Dr. Dre, Hopsin, Shady, D12, Tech N9ne, Lupe, MGK
Plenty Jay Z, Kendrick, Aesop Rock, ICP make me who I am today
D.O.U.G.Y with another D. Why stop when it doesn't have to end?
Got no other reason to be alive. It's me, guys! (Throat clearing) I'm fucking back again!

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