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Double S - Wavey lyrics


[Verse 1: Double S]
Man got flows and I got dough
And I got women on the low, I'm wavey
Middle finger to you other n***as
I'm a ten figure n***a, tell dem n***as I'm wavey
Man don't care like Ric Flair
I just did a woo on a n***a, I'm wavey
I don't know about you but I know myself
And I know that my ting's wavey
Mandem hate cause I get cake
And a n***a's never been fake, I'm good
You can ask around when you're in town
Or if you ever stop by my hood
They know that I'm the best, Double, I'm a chef
Anytime I go into the booth, I cook
I just go full throttle
No, I ain't a champagne bottle so I've never been shook
I roll deep on these, I
Make grown men look like pickneys
Notes, yeah, I only wanna see 50s
I've got the moneyman sound so I get big Ps and
Gyal around me, they wanna get frisky
They get tipsy and then I get a striptease
Make her wine her body something like a gypsy
Then mek her come back around like a frisbee

[Verse 2: Ghetts]
Original Pirate Material, Blackbeard
Rock your boat like Aaliyah, I'm wavey
Make man walk the plank, I pull rank
360 on a can, I'm wavey
I don't need no ocean reflection
I already know I'm wavey
Otis Redding, sitting on the dock at a bay
With a girl, that's wavey
Silver Surfer, n***a
It's me vs. the mirror
I'm balls-deep in this b**h, I'mma s**m up in her
I don't wanna write for a certain spitter
I've got a line for anybody who jumps out of line
They're getting bodied, I jump out and ride, the metal on me
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You come out to fight, I'm ready for it
Blood out your side, your leg and forehead
Horror stories from the forest
If horror's the category, then I'm on it
Promise you man are gonna see more bodies
Honest, I just bought three more shottys
Doo doo doo doo doo
Sound like the end of EastEnders
Doo doo doo doo doo
One-line flows, f** your mum at the end of each sentence
Doo doo doo doo doo
Yeah, G's reckless

[Verse 3: J2K]
Whoa, you know me, I'm old school, I'm the OG
You little n***as, I'm wavey
Quarter mil, quarterly, can't show me P
You little n***as, I'm wavey
Back with a bang, back with a bang, slap up your man
Rudegirl, I'm wavey
You wanna know about wavey?
Let me show you a little something 'bout wavey
Slap up your man, rudegirl, don't act up
I back up the van then clap up your man
Ayy, rudeboy, shut up now, man
Oi, shut up now, man
I wrote the handbook, so miss me there with the bad looks
Please, I will plant your head in a MacBook screen
How you mean? How you mean? How you mean?
I will lick off your whole headtop clean
I'm back with it, I'm back with it
A ma**age parlour couldn't get me back in it
But the beat was banging so I banged it back in it
Bang bang, I bang banged it from the back, init
Bang, you're f**ed now, I buck now
I'm letting off the shots now, better duck down, whoa
Sweep through your city like a swat round flows
Fly through your ends with the top down though

[Outro: Double S, Ghetts & J2K]

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