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Double S - Skengman Mode lyrics

[Verse 1: Frisco]
Look, let me prove to a n***a
That I can
Make anybody jump even a white man
Bite man
Won't be polite man
Got eyes in the back of my head look out for the white van
And I know nuff of them don't like man
But they know I will lyrically highlight man
Hype man off the wrong way
I will wipe man out the game just like a wind screen wiper
Everybody knows I'm a big bite man
Guys dutty hide when the mics in my right hand
Boss up the mic stand
None of them get booked, none of them ain't performed with a live band
To clash when I'm here, I ain't got time man
If I here my name in one of your rhymes
I won't reply fam, I'll drop man a line
Come to your Mum's with 9 man
I represent a scene called grime
And I swear down Imma keep spitting til i die
Man can't chat to me actually back to back I will smack any guy on a mic
Man can't shush me I say what I like
And I might quit MCing -psych
I know you would like
But I can't understand
You say your fly and you can't take flight

[Hook: Frisco]
I got peng tings that wanna be with me
Other MC's wanna MC with me
But if they ever compete with me I'll go into skeng man mode
On my toes cuz I roll with the youngers
I got bars and flows in abundance
So if one of them say something I'll go into skeng man mode

[Verse 2: Chipmunk]
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And just like Frisco, I will go into skeng man mode
None of these kids wanna test my flow
I'm a lyrical skeng like Frisc is
I'm big, drop a 16, bullet will tek off your nose
It's not me your gonna tek on, ya know
Don't ever think say cuz I'm sixteen
That I'm not a 16 I will tek on ya sound
Cuz I'm me, I'm the money man sound
This is why the promoters are booking man now
24/7, they've been belling my phone
Couple youts coming up wanna clash
Till I lift up my hand and I clap 'em right down
See me lift up my hand and I clap 'em right down
Chip and Frisc have the wickedest sound
I'm the skippiest younger around
So none of these youts couldn't test my flow


[Verse 3: Double S]
Skeng man mode thats the mode that i like it
Flows so peng got things wanna light it
Get them so high that they dont even have to kite it
Might get dark if a n***a try bright it
So dog dont bite it, my flow be the tightest
Like Frisc Double and Chip's so dont try hype it
We got the wickedest rhymes we leaving n***as behind
Ahead of the time, the scene we live it
But you dont live it, your more like sh**e
We bun down, trust man we light it
You ain't gonna make it I can tell the future
And I dont even need to go to a psychic
We're taking over cuz, dont try fight it
I know that you like it, so why try hide it
I be the n***a with the sick flow
A little bit of content, just how I like it

[Hook x2]

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