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Double S - Let It Out lyrics

[Verse 1: Donae'o]
I don't hold my tongue for no one
I ain't gonna hold it down, no, if I wanna say something, I'm gonna say something
I don't hold my tongue for no one
I'm gon' let it out, yeah, that's what I'm about, yeah
I said I don't hold my tongue for no one
It's better off out than staying in, I'm gon' let you know what state I'm in
I said I don't hold my tongue for no one
I gotta let out my feelings, that's how I'm dealing so

[Hook: Donae'o]
Let it out, let it out
Let it out, let it out
Let it out, let it out
Said let it out, let it out

[Verse 2: Double S]
I'm cla**, that's one of the best in the UK
So underrated, the mainstream's new craze
And certain man are married to the game
But what I say goes over their heads like a bouquet
It's a new dawn, it's a new day
New faith, Double's like a Mercedes new shade
It's bait that I had [?] before curtains
So don't leave your girl round [?], that's too bait
I'm extra extra, read all about it
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They say they're better than the Double but I doubt it
Since 04, Double S, I've been about it
Even lost the flow for a second but I found it
But I found it, it can go on for hours
Nah, this is my house and I wear the trousers
When I'm on the riddim I conquer, right
I run the site, it's nothing but nuclear showers

[Hook: Donae'o]

[Verse 3: Wretch 32]
Listen, look, if I ain't spit it out, I wouldn't be spitting now
I could've been chilling out in the ends, sitting down
And now I'll be thinking out of the box, voices
Should I get a house or a watch? Choices
Cause I've been about on my job employing people
Now they work for myself, me too
Independent, statute pose
The Lord blessed me with a [?] flow
I'm peanuts for that cashew dough
My DNA won't match you clones
Cause I set goals and I score em
And I wreck shows when I'm touring
Look, if in doubt
You shouldn't hold it in, just (let it out)

[Hook: Donae'o]

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