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Dorian Gehring - Ocean of Glory lyrics

[Verse 1]
I am the son of an unholy mother
She calls me names and she k**ed my brother
Takes my hand and throws me under
When she's gone I will have no other

[Verse 2]
I am looking to see you at midnight
We don't talk that much in the daylight
You could make love to me when you're older
You're a bootstrap I'm pulling closer

[Verse 3]
Take a trip to your family bloodline
Look it up on your phone in no time
Make a beat make a beat out of nothing
Take a seat and just start running

Oh you can meet me
Oh you can meet me
In the Ocean of Glory

[Verse 4]
Pick a pawn pick a point on a ladder
Don't you know that theres nothing better?
Maybe wake up as a leading lady
Silence calling, or call me crazy

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[Verse 5]
Wish upon wish upon a star
Don't wait till you make it to Mars
Go for red, go for red in the evening
Don't you think by then we'll be singing?

Oh you can meet me
Oh you can meet me
In the Ocean of Glory

(Interlude into hidden track, "The Number")

[Verse 1]
One, two, three sides to this square
In, out, organized in two pairs
Two, four, six, I'm halfway there
To Twelve Angry Men, climbing thousands of stairs

With eyes wide awake
I sing while I make
A world in a bottle
A model of our state

[Verse 2]
Words fall tired from my lips
No one knows better than this
I try making sense of it all
You know she's the one we should call

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