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Don Dada - ONAH! lyrics

[Hook: Don Dada]
Oh, oh, oh, naaahh
Oh, oh, oh, naaahh
Oh, oh, oh, naaahh
Oh, oh, oh, naaahh
Its two-one-four(naaahh)
Its two-one-four(naaahh)
Its two-one-four(naaahh)
Bust through ya front door like
Who want war(naaahh)

[Verse 1: Bizi Dinero]
I'm the biggest wave since 40 nights and 40 days
Ya might getcha' hair soaked, little pretty shorty pray
I'll tell ya what the story say, you gone need a arch today
The world ain't safe from this rain that we starting, Tayy
Watch, and garage gone look like the rainbow
Money ain't reality, my bank like a game show
....Circumstances, skin black
Gta backs, my ancestors took the whips at
And I'm the new free n***a, made it here, gimme dap
Put Africa on the map, calling me back
Life gave me cards, I gotta deal with that
But after selled, I am free, what kinda deal is that
I'm living.... life as a hustler
Clowns spread the wrong, shoot the truth, need a comforter
If life is a "B" with no credit, I am dumping her
Debit if you with it, oh nah, I'm the customer

[Hook: Don Dada]

[Verse 2: Dondada]
For Pete's sake I'm even tryna win a sweepstakes
Forget the remakes cause I'm the visual attraction
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Lights, camera, action, no acting, just flashing
Lights from paparazzi, Ah, I think they got me
Ya copy and paste the face upon the pesos
I ain't really into pacing, I'm paperchasing
They lacing they boots, ready to start war
He got the tool, his hardware hardcore
Because of his engineer that's hardly ever in his ear
Moms getting in his rear, talking 'bout pick a career
It's rare that I dare come near my fears
So yea, I thought'd be best to make ya cheer
They stare cause I stepped it up
Not even replicas could step to us
We got the projects next to us
But tryna make it out the pj's in our pj's
Eating pbj's on weekdays
Those was the weak days when Tayy wasn't eating
So by the weekend, his stomach had already been weakened
He's hungry for money, just tryna make a meal
He know he ill, so he just tryna make a deal
For real, it all just feel so surreal
How they think he lil when he 'bout his dolla' dolla' bill
So chill, just fall back, it's too hot for allat
The j**els is all black, so watcha callat, a Hebrew
I'm boutta breeze through the art he drew
Cause we knew he had the illest illustration
Unread invitations, I'm they inspiration
A lot of imitation, think ya need some demonstration
Or ventilation, work it out like abdominal
Round the way I'm known as Tayy, but that's Don to you
Cause I'm the type of dude to hitchu with the dynamite
Cause if I got time left then the time is right

[Hook: Don Dada]

[Outro: Bizi Dinero]

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