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Dkevrim - Runaway Bride lyrics

[Verse 1]
Running away, I'm running away
Cupid ain't sh** throw the gun in my way
Bullets spit in my face, tears fall from the sky
What a beautiful frown it has kept me alive
Seeking for an answer but I feel like I'm far
Runaway b**h with a reblious heart
What a dangerous game, hope you walk out now
Cause love is a b**h and she talks out loud
Wish I was the type to maybe open my heart
Said it from the start, sh** it's cold and it's dark
So what? Lust me or lust me not
f** trust and feelings, I trust my Glock

Guns to the sky, runaway brides
I thought I told you thugs don't cry
I'm on my queen sh**
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I'm on my queen sh**

[Verse 2]
Hitting the ground, I be hitting the ground
Escaping what's left, I ain't trying to be found
Say it's my fault for dishonoring love
But tell me I've been smart all along as a thug
I ain't taking a chance, you get the piece from me
Love rips you apart and it's so easy to see
So damn young and naive, f** looking for me
Cause thugs don't cry, can't be waiting for me
Loyal to rap, I'm only loyal to rap
Sending me love, I'm just gonna send her a** back
So tell me? lust me or lust me not
f** trust and feelings, I trust my Glock


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