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DJ Sin - The Paycheck lyrics

I don't want the job and before I'm on the clock
I've k**ed 10 people weaving between cars like the autobahn
I risk lives for the paycheck, I bend over and take it
From my manager but the police won't give me a rape kit
I wanna politely tell him to s** a dick
Open the secretary's mouth, bust in it so they know who they're f**in wit
Like I'm permanently stuck in cla**, just a punchin bag
Well suffering succotash I'm a kick this motherf**uhs a**
b**h I could reply to everything you say with "no duh"
And I never miss a quota I'm from f**ing Minnesota
Nag nag nag, your like a straight Ryan Seacrest
With diabetes that needs to get laid and eat less
I quit, so f** you, you, and you but your cool (I'm cool!)
Oh and at the company party BRIAN sh** in the whirlpool
"Hi Joey! Remember, your tie shouldn't be above your belt!"
"aww thanks Michael!, but I quit, now go f** yourself ☺"

Take this job (job), shove it up you're A (eyy)
I ain't dealin' with your bullsh** today
No way (No Way) no how (No How)
Time is money and I'm all sold out
So, you can keep the paycheck, ima be ridin
I don't need paper I'm a motherf**in' diamond
Want my time? I'm runnin on a budget
You can keep the paycheck, I'll show ya where ta shove it

Verse 2
Another boring Monday got interviews, 4 in one day
They're preaching 401K Like I need savings more than money
I'll take the salary that'll be what I'm pocketing
Hey Bob I'm here for the interview, sit your fat a** down and talk to me
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"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" - as the motherf**ing CEO
With guap to sleep with greedy hoes cuz I need me those
And a gold dick like C3PO with 3 TV shows
Still feeding coke, up my bleeding nose
"What's Your Biggest weakness" bullets & gitting sh**ty at the pub
But my kryptonite is really big titties when I'm drunk
Tell 'em they're pretty, get a quickie, then I'm done
& once I took a sh** while I was sitting in the tub
So be careful who your jokin with, cuz I'm broke as sh**, so gimme the
Job or "does Wayne Brady have ta choke a b**h?"
A question you forgot to ask is why I'm working:
To multiply my earnings then blow this b**h like Tyler Durden


Verse 3
I thought the interview went well maybe they didn't like my resume (nah)
Listed my current job title as "getting paid" (good move)
Showed all of my work experience since 7th grade (Smart)
I Even listed my old sales job sellin lemonade (baller)
Got it by Roundhouse kickin this lil girl to demonstrate
The dog eat dog corporate world and my pa**ion for MMA
Yea I was an infant too, now I gotta different view
I pick and choose when to stick and move, ya feel me?
I Get It! from now on I'll only hit the snooze Between 6 and noon
Consume cigs and booz, before my interviews. Roll up
Bumpin Gin & juice and brag to the s**y secretary
How I popped one out like babe ruth in a swimming pool
These f**ers don't recognize talent and I'm Victor Cruz
Or Justin Tuck, lookin around like what the f** do you do?
60 hour weeks? I thought you guys actually worked
sh**, me at corporate is as useless as a khaki shirt

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